How to Choose Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors is not the easiest thing to do. Before I decided on my final colors I went through about 3 other color palette stages. I began my wedding color journey by first looking at a wedding theme. In the very beginning stages I decided to go with a sunflower theme because it was my favorite flower. However with a summer wedding I knew that it would be hard to pull this off. The sunflower color boards that I liked were really for a fall/autumn wedding versus a summer wedding. I then moved on to a nautical theme. I thought this theme really spoke summer to me. I started to look at navy blue and pink inspiration boards but I just couldn’t find the right shades of pink to match the right shade of blue. With almost a year and a half to plan, I finally came across a vintage mood board. The colors were a mix of pale pinks, ivory, and gold. Eureka!! I had finally found the color scheme that was perfect for me and my big day.

When choosing wedding colors keep these things in mind
  1. Really play around with the inspiration/mood boards. They really helped me to see all the colors at once. I was really able to tell if I liked the combination of colors that I had chosen. I know a lot of the online wedding websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire allows you to create your own mood boards through their site. I definitely took advantage of this.
  2. Let your theme do most of the work. If you’re choosing a wedding theme, think about the colors that would best bring out the overall look. Once I knew that I wanted a vintage wedding theme, it became a lot easier in selecting colors. I knew I wanted a lot of pearls, lace, and vintage picture frames throughout my wedding. I started to envision the wedding colors that would best match my accents. I was able to come up with pink, gold, and ivory. The same can be said with other popular themes like rustic or nautical.
  3. Think outside the box. If you’re like me I do not find myself to be a very artsy or creative person. However, colors I find to be simple. Just like I’m able to match an outfit and accessories, I can also tell what colors look good together and where I could add accents of colors to my big day.

Remember there is no wrong way to do it. I have seen some of the most odd wedding color combinations create the most beautiful weddings!

Happy Planning!

Wedding Color Combos

So you have now decided on a wedding theme and you’re getting closer to finalizing your wedding colors. How many different colors are you going to go with and what combinations work best? These are all things to think about when coming up with the best color combinations. Typically the suggestions I have seen are mostly divided into 2-3 colors. I personally like the idea of having 3 colors because I think you are able to play with the accent colors a little more. So let’s start there…

If you choose 3 colors there is usually one dominate color and the others are your accent colors. Once I had finally chose my wedding colors I thought my dominate color would be pink while the accent colors would be the champagne (or gold) and ivory. However when having to make final decisions about chair covers, flowers, and tuxedo vests everything change. Champagne became my dominate color and accents of pink and ivory were added. How did I come to that decision? I’m glad you ask.

For the most part I (the bride) did all of the color choosing and pretty much planning but I hit a rock when we were choosing chair color ribbons. My then fiancé did not want a lot pink to overpower the venue. We went back and forth and eventually he was right. We already had pink up lighting and our table linens were ivory so the champagne ribbon seemed to be a good balance. Let’s say I was pleased with the decision.

Also keep in mind the venue color. We were lucky because our center pieces and table linens were already an ivory color which left the room pretty much open to how we wanted to use the colors throughout the ceremony and reception area. Keep in mind, if your venue already has darker color paint or carpeting you may want to rethink your dominate color in your color scheme.

Lastly, as I said before…play around with those mood boards. I already knew that my color combination looked very nice together. I just needed to find out how I wanted the accent colors placed in comparison to the dominate color. Below you will see a mood board from my own wedding and how I used the colors. Can you tell that champagne was my dominate color?

wedding color board

Happy Planning!

Matching Wedding Colors: The Cake

One of the most common places you can see your wedding colors utilized is with your wedding cake. I remember looking online and trying to find the perfect way to use my color scheme in my cake. I was finding it to be more difficult than I had expected.

The cake style that I had liked had a simple ivory butter cream frosting (yum) with a champagne colored ribbon going around the tiers. It also had edible pearls throughout the cake. I thought this would be perfect! I took the look to our baker and she knew just how to pull the cake off. However the cake topper was the problem. My husband and I wanted to do a monogram “W” on the top of the cake. Of course we would want this to be a pink or champagne color. I looked everywhere and was not able to find one. I should rephrase… I did not find one that was convenient enough online or in-store that I was willing to pay for. Now please note that this was one of the last things that needed to be done and I definitely waited until the last minute, but gold monogram cake toppers were just not in my favor. I finally got to the point where I didn’t care and we decided to go with a silver cake topper. Now I know what you all are thinking how could she incorporate silver when she has a champagne/gold color scheme going on? Well I’ll tell you how….I wasn’t so into making sure that everything was “matchy, matchy” Yes I did make sure that my little touches of accent colors were incorporated all throughout the wedding, but I realized that if something small didn’t work not to stress over it. Now while I would have loved to have my gold cake topper…or pink (which I know is pushing it), it was not so bad having the silver. The cake still turned out to be great. In addition, it still helped to hold on to my color combination.

So what’s the advice? Be careful with trying to make sure everything matches to a T. Yes you do want people to understand and make the connections of your color scheme, but know when to let some of the matching items go. And if you’re like me you may not have to make that decision on your own, you may just have some help from the inconvenience gods ☺

Happy Planning!

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